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Olifantes Coffee Guatemala Cosmico SHB EP Single Origin

Olifantes Coffee Guatemala Cosmico SHB EP Single Origin

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The Coffee Grinding Method

Acidity: Guatemala coffees are characterized by a medium level of acidity. This acidity provides sweetness and brightness while contributing to a balanced flavor.

Body: Guatemala coffees typically have a body ranging from medium to full. This defines the weight and texture of the coffee. Guatemala coffees are often described as having a good texture and a creamy mouthfeel.

Flavors: Guatemala coffees commonly offer various flavors such as sweetness, chocolate, caramelized sugar, almond, citrus, fruit notes (such as apple, lemon, grape), and spices (such as cinnamon). These flavors often come together in a complex way, creating a good balance between sweetness and acidity.

Finish: The finish of Guatemala coffees is often described as long and clean. This refers to the lingering taste in the mouth and the impression it leaves in the final touch.

Of course, the tasting notes of Guatemala coffees can vary depending on factors such as different growing regions, farms, and processing methods. Each coffee is unique and has its own distinct flavor profile. Therefore, experiencing the taste of Guatemala coffees and evaluating them based on your individual preferences will yield the best results.

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